Quality Improvement

Management Services NZ will assist your organisation with the design, implementation, auditing and automation of its Quality Improvement Plan. Our services may range from the creation of an organisation-wide total Quality Management system to a Quality Improvement process for an individual project.

We will work with your staff to develop the organisational structure, policies, procedures and documentation needed to implement an effective Quality Management system. Additionally, through the deployment of quality indicators as part of a performance management system, our quality improvement team will help you maximize and monitor your organisational effectiveness.

These services are particularly helpful when working towards certification with various accreditation organisations. For medium and large employers, the ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices programme rewards employers who build safer workplaces. In exchange for putting in place systems and processes that promote injury prevention, the programme gives employers discounts on their standard ACC WorkPlace Cover levies. We can help you design and implement the systems and processes you need to save money on your ACC Levies.

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