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"I have an idea for a new service but I'm not sure how to progress with this. What kind of help can you offer?"

We have experience in conducting feasibility studies that include checking for similar services, surveying potential service users to identify needs, obtaining statistical data about the potential client group and putting together a project proposal which is essential if seeking funding. 

"We need to update our operational policy manual as all of our policies are well past their review dates. We are all too busy to do this, can you do it for us?"

Yes, we can review your policies and update them. We can also look at your work processes that are preventing your organisation from being able to do this yourselves. It is vital that a policy manual is not just a folder that sits on a shelf, or on a server if electronic. All staff need to be familiar with your policies and the best way for this to happen is to involve them in creating and reviewing them.

"We are a small not for profit incorporated society providing support services and struggling to stay operational due to funding cutbacks, unsuitable premises and a Committee that never acheives a quorum, so important agenda items are carried over from month to month. There is a need for our services so how can we address our current difficulties?"

We can conduct an organisational health review that will identify the changes that need to be made and provide realistic solutions on how this can be acheived. In our experience, some of the now strongest not for profits went through similar difficulties and were able to make the necessary changes to become the success stories they are today. 

"The Board of our large organisation completed a self assessment of their performance using a form one of them downloaded from the internet. They came out looking pretty good but admit they work more as individual units rather than as a team. E.g. one who is an accountant focuses entirely on finance sub committee matters and hardly participates in anything else. We also have a couple of members who appear to be asleep during Board meetings as they just don't participate at all. Help!"

It is good that your Board are undertaking self assessment but many of the free tools for this leave a lot to be desired. A good Board works as a team, at the same time acknowledging their individual strengths. Working as a team does not come naturally for some people and we therefore recommend Board Retreats as a means to encourage team building. We can provide alternative assessment methods and can organise Retreats for pro-active Boards who realise the added value teamwork brings to the Board table.

"It sounds like you have a lot of services that could be useful to our organisation. We work in the voluntary sector so funds are limited. How much do you charge per hour?"

We have experience in the not for profit voluntary sector so understand how difficult it can be to stay ahead financially. We do not charge an hourly rate as such - we quote a price up front for a piece of work to be completed by a set date and that is what you will pay. If your project is large we will work with you to set milestones of achievement and you will make payments by installment on completion of these milestones. We work with organisations to ensure they get value for the investment they make with us. Talk to us about what you need and we will give you a quote - for our smaller not for profits we may even be able to suggest some options for funding.