Management Consultancy

A lot of companies say they want to make a difference. What makes us different is that we actually do. We help our clients achieve their goals and deliver change for the wider social benefit. We help them work towards social equality, justice and economic regeneration and growth. In other words, we help our clients change things for the better.

Our expert team have a wide range of skills and experience, and can work together to offer a skill set that perfectly matches the demands of your project. Our experience spans the public, private and voluntary sector, so we have a good understanding of the areas (and perimeters) you’re operating within.

We believe in working in partnership with our clients. So we'll spend time getting to know you, sharing ideas and best practice with you and becoming a real part of your team. After all, it’s only by understanding you and your needs that we can hope to meet them.

Our expert team offer a wealth of experience and knowledge, covering areas as diverse as funding, marketing, business planning and quality improvement. We believe that this combination of skills and experience means that, whatever your project, we’ve got the perfect solution.

We work with organisations from the public, voluntary and social enterprise sectors across New Zealand, providing consultancy advice combined with the hands-on support that helps them get results. We work with our clients for the duration of their project (we don’t just offer advice at the start, then turn up at the end to get all the credit, we work with our clients every step of the way.) We work with you as and when needed to create solutions that will help you achieve your objectives while offering excellent value for money.


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